Monday, May 13, 2019

Seeking Guest Contributors

With 2019 nearly half gone (how did that happen?!), we here at Guessing Geisel are once again seeking guest bloggers. Guessing Geisel could never happen without our amazing guest contributors who bring a variety of perspectives, observations, and experiences to the shared table. Their time, thoughtfulness, and energy are so appreciated!

Thinking you might want to be a guest contributor? You might be a good guest blogger candidate if: 
  • You are a public or school librarian or teacher passionate about beginning readers. 
  • You have served on a beginning reader award committee (Geisel, Maryland Blue Crab, etc.) or a best books committee that included beginning readers. 
  • You are excited about digging into the Geisel Award criteria. 
If one or more of these statements applies to you, we encourage you to consider guest blogging for us. 

Guest contributors are asked to write at one or two blog posts between July and December. Posts are approximately 500 words and focus either on a current Geisel contender or on a topic related to beginning readers. 

If you’d like to participate, please email us at by June 1, 2019. In that email include a short paragraph to let us know: 
  • Your name Position/Organization If you’re a school or public librarian or teacher. 
  • Why you’d be an excellent guest contributor. 
  • Share at least 3 beginning reader titles (already or soon to be published in 2019) and/or topics that you’d like to blog about.

If you have questions, you can comment below or send us an email.