Wednesday, June 8, 2016

SLJ Column and Titles to Watch List

Amanda here to let you know that in addition to our posts here at Guessing Geisel, SLJ has graciously given us column space for taking a look at the Geisel Award. The first of these columns looks into what sets the Geisel apart from other ALSC Awards and includes a roundup of some of the titles we’re looking forward to discussing this year.

It’s always a challenge to come up with a short list for a mock award. We cannot know what the real committee is seeing, so we do our best by looking at new work by previous winners, scouring starred reviews, and watching for any titles getting a lot of early buzz. 

Here at Guessing Geisel, we welcome your suggestions. We have a good list of potential titles for future posts, but we’d love to know what has caught your eye so far. What titles are you looking forward to discussing in your Mock Geisels this year? Which new releases are you eager to put into the hands of a beginning reader?

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